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Sales & Refund Policy

Payment Options accepts all major credit cards via Paypal payments. In the event your credit card is declined, we will inform you via email and ask that you place your order again with a new card. Your credit card will be charged on the day you place your order for goods or services. The charge will appear on your credit card or Paypal statement as Thriving Ambition, Inc. or *THRIVINGAMB.


Payment Plans

Some of our products and programs offer a convenient payment plan option where your investment can be split into multiple payments. After the initial payment, subsequent payments are automatically debited from your account every 30 days until the balance has been paid. For example, if you make a purchase and choose the payment plan on December 1, your credit card will be charged for the next payment on December 31st and so on.

If you’re on a payment plan and want to get started on your program, you can pay your balance early. Before doing so, please contact LaKiesha here:


Chargebacks and Payment Security

When you provide with your credit card information for payment on your account, shall be authorized to charge your credit card for any outstanding fees.

If you sign up for a payment plan to make monthly payments on any product, program or service, shall be authorized to run all charges on or around the time they are due and not require separate authorization in order to do so.

You are fully responsible for any fees associated with recouping payment on chargebacks and any fees associated with the payment collection process. Further, you may not change any of the credit card information provided to without notifying us in advance.

If you have any questions about our sales and refund policies, please contact us at:


Refund Policy For Individual Coaching And Mentoring Programs

Enrollment in any of the courses, coaching and mentoring programs on establishes a non-cancellable agreement. There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations. You are legally and financially responsible for the full tuition of the program in which you are enrolled, regardless of whether you actually participate or show up for your course, coaching or mentoring sessions.


Payment And Shipping Confirmation

Upon checkout, an email will be sent to you with a copy of your order. If you have any questions about your order status, please contact us at:



If you do not receive the download following your opt-in of a digital ebook, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

1) You’ve entered your email address incorrectly on the online form. Give it another try!

2) Your confirmation email was sent to your spam folder. Check it!

3) Can’t download your e-Book? You might need Adobe Reader (free PDF reader viewer) installed on your computer.

You can download Adobe Reader for free here:

For assistance with all other digital download issues, please contact us at:

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