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Fortune Is In the Follow Up: Building Your Five-Star Network

Just had an informational conversation with someone? Or met a business contact at a conference?

Did they mention those magic words, “You should get in contact with…”?

If so, you just increased your network and created another potential job lead! That’s amazing!

So, how do you get the conversation started with this new contact?

It’s easy, just follow these two simple steps:

#1. Get permission before reaching out. Sometimes you will be introduced to a new lead or you can reach out to them on our own. However, make sure you ask the person you’re talking to if it’s ok before contacting a new lead.

During that conversation, you should ask,”Do you mind if I reach out to…?”

If you didn’t, don’t worry. Just ask them in your follow up email.

#2. Send that new lead an email. Do not call them. No one will play phone tag with someone they don’t know. Fire up your email and it should look something like this:

To: Bill

From: LaKiesha

Subject: Sue B. Mintor suggested we connect.

Hi Bill – Earlier this week I spoke to Sue Mintor about international opportunities as an engineer. She mentioned that I should speak with you.

I would like to set up a 30 minute phone call with you to learn more about your organization.

Are you available next week? My schedule is flexible.

Looking forward to your response!



This is an actual email I sent to a suggested contact. As a result, we set up a meeting, had a great conversation and he introduced me to another high-powered contact of his. All because of the information gained from an informal conversation.

Thanks to that information, I was able to reach out to people for similar opportunities at my new company. I got in front of one of the Program Managers for the Global Rotation program and she sent me some helpful information and more contacts as a result! 🙂

Feel free to use this as a guide, and share it with friends and family looking to take that next step in their careers!

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