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Just Got Promoted? 5 Ways Your Life At Work Is Guaranteed to Change

Congratulations! You’ve received an offer for your first management position. You’ve clicked the “Accept Offer” button and now, the wheels are in motion for you to begin your new career!

No more HR phone screenings, rehearsing interview questions (to sound natural), and anxiously sitting in the guest area, waiting for the interview to start. (At least for now.)

This day felt like it would never come.

*take a deep breath*…now…*exhale*

What happens now? You have 2 more weeks to go before starting your new job. (Especially for internal moves.)

Well, let me tell you…


#1 Your colleagues will change

You’re leaving soon, so your co-workers will say “Don’t worry about that…” or, “Just focus on ____ until you leave. We’ll take care of that.”

Their behavior is natural and it’s nothing against you. Someone will have to pick up the extra work once you leave.


#2 You might become popular

When you’re promoted to a manager, you are no longer an “individual contributor”. You’re an influencer, someone with perceived power.

People who never gave you a second thought prior to your promotion will suddenly want you to talk to you. They’ll tell you about their career accomplishments and aspirations. This is fine, but recognize it for what it really is.

It’s ok to be moderately helpful if you’re feeling generous. But, don’t allow yourself to be used.


#3 You will want to yell “FIGMO” and get the hell out of there ASAP!

So what is “FIGMO”? It’s an unofficial military term that means, “F*ck It, Got My Orders”. (Thanks Pete!)

This basically translates to, “I don’t care about the work I need to wrap up before I leave. It’s their problem now.”

Although you might feel like this, don’t give in. It’s up to you to make sure you close out your current assignment on good terms. Remember, reputation is everything. Your industry is much smaller than you think. (Especially in Aerospace)


#4 Everyone will not be happy about your promotion

*Sigh* Let’s be honest. Haters exist everywhere. Some people hate deliberately and some people think they’re just being “honest”.

For instance, when you get a management position, some will say, “I wouldn’t want a management position…” They’ll go on and explain their reasons for not wanting the job. Totally fine, that’s their choice.

Politely, remind this person, that it’s not their choice to make. They don’t have to go into management. This is your decision.

Most will acknowledge this and move on.

If they continue, find a way to end the conversation.


#5 You will be both, scared and excited to start your new job

This is completely normal. Our stream of consciousness will come up with all kinds of crazy thoughts about failure.

“This might be too much…what if I fail?”

You won’t fail. It will be tough at first, but you’ll get up to speed in no time. Just ask plenty of questions and takes TONS of notes. Be patient with yourself.

“What if my direct reports don’t like the way I do things and rebel?”

Positional power will only get you so far. In the beginning, your new team will ask lots of questions to get to know you. Be open…as much as you are comfortable. ..and remember, being a manager is not about being liked. It’s about respect. Establish respect and openness early on.

Don’t let this stuff get to you!

Believe in your abilities. This is key. A group of intelligent people (the interview panel) chose you and not the other 100+ candidates for this job. You are qualified, smart, and more than capable of handling this high level of responsibility. Don’t allow self-doubt or anyone else tell you otherwise. 😉

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Did you recently get a new job? What shift in behavior did you observe in your office?

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