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How Women Can Negotiate Their Way To Higher Pay

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Papachristos at A Plus discussing how women can negotiate their pay to make more than they will make more money as they negotiate job offers and promotions.

Here are 8 powerful quotes from the article:

  1. Promote yourself.

“…discuss their accomplishments openly without shame, for they’ve worked hard and deserve credit for what they’ve achieved.”

2. Believe in yourself.

“Telling yourself that you’ve earned this promotion or salary is the only way that you will be successful in negotiating…”

3. You’re already a winner.

Remind yourself about all the time’s you’ve sacrificed and overcame personal roadblocks…”

4. Understand your strengths.

“Relive those moments to help you snap out of imposter syndrome. Understanding your product — yourself — inside and out will help you remain confident in negotiations.”

5. You’ve earned the right to be there.

“I can’t speak for all women of color. For me it came down to believing that I have the right to be where I wanted to be.”

6. Perseverance is key.

“Then, taking actions to make my dreams a reality. It took a lot of perseverance and relentlessness trying to get there, though. There were a lot of “no’s” but I kept going — and continue to do so. Also, I moved around a few times. It’s unlikely you will close the gap staying at the same company or department.”

7. Make sure it’s the right time.

“Sometimes the company is going through a rough time and no one is getting promoted or an increase in salary. Maybe you’re at a large company with standard packages with very little wriggle room…”

8. Prepare for the negotiation.

“Before heading into negotiations, think about what you would do if things don’t go your way. This does two things. First, you won’t seem desperate in the negotiations. Second, you will have a couple of options that you can look forward to if it doesn’t work out. I like to have at least two options in my back pocket. When they say no, look for creative alternatives. Don’t just accept their answer and walk away with nothing — especially if it’s something you really want.”


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