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How Taking Charge of Your Life Can Bring Happiness and Adventure

“Most people have a carefully crafted, well-justified story about why they can’t take their Big Leap.” – Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap*

When I came across this phrase in one of the 5 books I am currently reading. (Yes 5!)

It struck me…I read it 3 or 4 times before moving on.

I thought about the number of times I’ve avoided my “Big Leap(s)” by procrastinating and acquiring limiting beliefs from society.

How many times you have been told something that was untrue?

Ever wanted to do something like…backpack through Europe? Skydive? Climb Mount Everest? Become CEO?

Chances are, you have that friend, who’s cousin’s, best-friend’s, brother’s, sister did the thing you want to do…and…something bad happened.

Take a look at some of my own limiting beliefs that I adopted from society.

Personally: “As a single woman, I can’t travel alone. I’ll travel the world when get a group of friends together.”

Île Saint-Louis, Seine River, Paris, France - July 2016

Île Saint-Louis, Seine River, Paris, France – July 2016

This past summer, I went to Copenhagen, Paris and Sweden…ALONE! (My 3rd solo trip.)

  • I roamed around downtown Copenhagen at 3 am (and didn’t get mugged)! – Don’t try this!
  • Toured Le Château de Versaille with a Canadian woman I met at a picnic on Île Saint-Louis (Paris).
  • Went to Fotografiska Museet (photography museum) and had lunch overlooking the water in Stockholm.

Professionally: “I need to have 5 more years as an engineer before I think about applying to any management jobs.”

Being surrounded by the right people, I overcame this self doubt and APPLIED!

Now I’m:

  • In a career that I love. (With the exception of dealing with a few people, lol.)
  • Meeting other managers, swapping stories and building a micro-support network.
  • An ENTREPRENEUR! Gaining career coaching clients and helping them achieve their career goals.

To stop living the life people thought I should live, I made big changes.

I worked on myself and everything within my control. (It’s a really hard process.)

And so can you!

Take a leap today and do something you have always wanted to do.

It’s OK. Start small and then gradually build.

You’ll be happier for it.

If you haven’t already, download the 100% FREE eBook, “Career Planning Workbook for Ambitious Leaders: Build Your Dream Career in 3 Key Areas“. 

What’s your “Big Leap”? How long have you been waiting to take action? What are some of your limiting beliefs? How can you address them now?

If you’ve never read this book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks*, I highly recommend that you do! It changed my perspective on a few areas of my personal and professional life. He’s teaching me how to live in my “Zone of Genius”. It’s a quick read. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

* Affiliate Link: Amazon

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