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Are You A Top Performer? How to Get A Promotion Fast

It’s that time of year again! Having the good ol’ performance review conversation. This conversation is typically about your performance from the previous year.

It’s also a time of the year where people tend to wonder, “How do I convince my boss I deserve a promotion?” I’ve experienced asking for a promotion more than a few times. Now as a hiring manager, I’ve been asked for a promotion, a higher performance rating or more pay.

Through conversations with other managers, and while giving performance reviews for my team, I’ve heard, “I’m going above and beyond by…and because of that, I deserve to be promoted (or rated as a Top Performer).”

During these conversations, I made some observations about what differentiated the Top Performers (or people I’d like to promote) from people who weren’t.

Let’s break it down.

Top Performers (and Rising Stars):

Took constructive criticism in stride. They didn’t want sugarcoated information about their performance. They wanted constructive feedback with examples that’ll help them improve their performance. Even if it was difficult to accept.

Kept a positive attitude. These top performers kept an open mind about changes within the organization. Although it may have been uncomfortable, they kept a positive outlook on their work and the relationships they’ve built with their teammates.

Remained accountable. They didn’t make excuses. These top performers worked hard to complete the assignments before the deadline. Even if it meant staying beyond their usual quitting time.

They also took advantage of paid overtime or flextime. (Flextime is a non-standard schedule option my company offers at the discretion of the manager. The schedules are: 9/80, 4/10, straight 8s or an employee can leave early one day and stay late the next.)

Are thought leaders. They looked for ways to help the company achieve objectives. Often times, they came up with innovative ideas to improve the organization, shared ideas with others and were requested by other departments because of their creative problem solving abilities and comprehensive knowledge.

Looked at the bigger picture. These top performers did not stay in their lane by only performing work that’s assigned to them. They sought out new ways to improve the organization. They met with other department leaders, wanted to learn how the departments are interconnected, asked questions and utilized that knowledge to increase efficiency in processes.

And then there were the non-Top Performers.

Non-Top Performers often:
  • Argued about their performance and did not believe they needed to make any changes.
  • Blamed their rating on organizational changes.
  • Focused solely on what the company could do for them.
  • Wanted to do the bare minimum, yet wanted more pay.
  • Believed everyone was out to get them.

Don’t be like the non-Top Performers!

Getting a promotion is based on many factors. There’s always more you can do, such as building a positive personal brand and networking to get promoted. You can’t control the actions of others and all circumstances.

Changes in leadership, office politics, company policies or budget cuts are completely out of your control. (Note: Your immediate boss may not have the final decision in whether or not you get promoted. This is especially true for large companies.)

But, you can control your actions and your attitude while you’re on the path to getting a job promotion.

Remember, you’re responsible for your own career growth and personal development.

Keep moving!

Get yourself a mentor, a career coach and training sooner rather than later. This is the only way to get a promotion at work “fast”. Your happiness and job satisfaction depends on it!

How can you improve your performance at work? What have you done to develop yourself professionally and/or personally? Can you benefit from a career mentor or career coach?

Looking for more ways to get promoted at work quickly? Schedule a free strategy call with me!

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