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About LaKiesha Tomlin

LaKiesha Tomlin Leadership STEM Speaker

LaKiesha Tomlin is a Mechanical Engineer who transformed her path to success into a career as a Consultant, helping others achieve their dreams. Along with her technical background, LaKiesha became aware of her multi-versed skill set and an ambition to aid others towards their ultimate potential and success.

After a series of internships during college, LaKiesha found herself helping close friends and family members polish their professional image, coach them towards interviews, and most importantly becoming employed in a role which suited their own interests.

Before long, she became sought after for career panels and conferences all over the country. As owner and operator of Thriving Ambition, LaKiesha has carefully crafted a brand to share her story with the world, provide one-on-one coaching to build key skills, and supercharge her audience to motivate their lives!

Thriving Ambition has helped LaKiesha change lives; guiding those struggling to achieve their goals turn their career around and provide for their families. Transitioning from a passionate advocate into a successful business owner, LaKiesha has been proving the impossible in the traditional mindset for over a decade.

Delivering tailored career development and leadership education in the STEM fields, Thriving Ambition shares LaKiesha’s journey to guide you towards joy and happiness.

Key Points From LaKiesha's Speaking Topics

Popular topics that are covered in LaKiesha's speeches. 


Want to effectively network and communicate with the right people?

Discover how build a powerful network and get endorsed by power players in your industry. 


Are you tired of always coming second place on matters relating to your career and progress?

Learn how to develop a leadership mindset and boldly transform your career.


Has fear ever kept you from making new connections and asking for what you want?  

Learn how to face your fears surrounding your career and move beyond your comfort zone to get the job of your dreams.

Get Hired

Tired of not getting the promotion you dream of?  

Stand out to recruiters and hiring managers with some easy to implement carer advice.

Popular Speaking Topics

4 Ways to Become a Better Leader

LaKiesha has developed “4 Ways to Become a Better Leader” to inspire and motivate people who are stuck and need help pulling themselves out of the trenches and start living a fulfilling life.

As a result of this session, you will: 

  • Learn how to face your fears surrounding your career. 
  • Raise the quality of your relationships by being more present. 
  • Increase the level of optimism in your personal and professional life. 
  • Plan for the career of your dreams. 

6 Ways to Rock Your Career and Get More Money

LaKiesha has realized that one of the most important things to do to take a bold charge of your career is to network. The logic is simple, the larger your network, the more you learn and grow. This, and a number of other ways by which you can take charge of your career, enjoy career freedom and accelerated success!  

As a result of this session, you will: 

  • Learn how to develop a leadership mindset and move beyond your comfort zone.
  • Discover how build a powerful network. 
  • Increase the power of your resume and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. 

LaKiesha's Past Speaking Events

COE speech

Partial List

  • COE 34th Annual Conference - The Road to Success: Perspectives from TRIO Alumni, Atlanta, GA - September 2015
  • COE 33rd Annual Conference - TRIO Achievers Award Winner, Washington DC - September 2014
  • Boeing Leadership Program - Vice President Speech Introduction, Ridley Park, PA - July 2014
  • Boeing Leadership Program - Vice President Speech Introduction, Arlington, VA - November 2014
  • Saint Louis University - Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, Saint Louis, MO - April 2014
  • National Society of Black Engineers - Saint Louis - Ongoing since 2003

What LaKiesha's Clients Say

Clients who are glad they chose LaKiesha to speak at their events.

"LaKiesha's personal experiences and accomplishments both through her time as a college student and as a working professional gave her a tremendous amount of gravitas and left everyone in the room emboldened to pursue their dreams and work hard to accomplish great things."

- Chris P., Saint Louis University

"She has networked with professionals from around the world to collect and develop a body of knowledge in the areas of leadership, management and training. She is becoming a noted leader in this field of research and soon will be one of the top educators/ presenters in the county."

- Ronald M., Synergy Construction Group

"Her keynote address was not only motivational…but she was also completely relatable. She is a go-getter who is able to motivate a crowd. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement."

- Sue R., Saint Louis University

LaKiesha Tomlin Leadership STEM Speaker

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