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What you'll learn on the consultation call?

  • How to never be bored again. Find a position where the time flies by and fits your personality.  

  • How to finally get past the phone screening + invited to an actual interview. 

  • Learn what the interviewers are really looking for to help you get an offer. 

  • How to create a eye-catching resume to get contacted by your dream companies. 


  • How to take calculated career risks with HUGE rewards (even when it’s scary).  

  • How to build confidence to avoid mistakes that may cost you the job.

  • Why you’re not getting called for interviews (+ it may not be what you think)!  

  • How to stay motivated in your career search (even when you want to give up). 

  • How to build relationships with VIPs + Influencers in your industry to get promoted quickly.

  • How to tell your story in an authentic + interesting way (even if you’re terrified of interviewing).  

What LaKiesha's Clients Say

walter s

LaKiesha is someone that took the time to hear my frustrations with my career. I loved the company I was working for, I loved my job, and I especially loved the people I got to work with. The issue, for me personally, was I did not feel passionate about that particular job. I would like to say again, the job was amazing but I honestly felt like it was just not for me. Maybe in the future it will be the perfect job, one never knows, especially with the great coworkers and management I had. When she heard me out, her two pieces of advice (there were many but I’ll only mention two in order to keep this as short as possible) were to find out what I did feel passionate about, at this time in my life, and to convey that passion in the job interviews.

 I went through many job interviews before talking to LaKiesha and later when I used her advice things started to change. I was still being rejected for some jobs but I was also started to get some offers; the difference was either being offered a job or being a final candidate for most interviews. I finally accepted a job offer that best fit my passion and also expectations that I have for myself. There were many people (the list includes family, spouse, friends and former coworkers who I consider my friends as well) that helped me obtain a job that I am passionate and happy about. I can say LaKiesha was a big contributor to helping with this.

- Walter S., Mechanical Engineer

LaKiesha's coaching service is unique, insightful, and very beneficial for my upcoming and future interviews

Her techniques equipped me with ways on controlling the interview and negotiating salary. I had greater confidence after our coaching session. 

LaKiesha listened, questioned, and identified the guidance needed and provided directions on what to do & how to achieve my desired goals. 

She opened my eyes to the need of a coach. I highly recommend her coaching sessions.

- Terrell H., Electrical Engineer

Meet LaKiesha

Career Consultant. Speaker. Tech Industry Leader. 

LaKiesha Tomlin Your Engineering Career Expert

LaKiesha is a career coach for talented leaders in science, technology and engineering. She quickly rose from entry-level engineer to a mid-level manager in less than 2.5 years after being determined to get into engineering management. Since then she increased her engineering salary almost 3x

After that promotion, was recruited by a major technology company in Silicon Valley as a regional engineering manager supporting repair centers world-wide.

She helps other STEM professionals get promoted and get noticed at work – which will allow them to create a thriving career they’ll love. Her expertise has been featured on Forbes, Diversity In Action Magazine, American Express, Saint Louis University, Council for Opportunity and Education + National Society of Black Engineers.

Thriving Ambition has helped LaKiesha change lives; guiding those struggling to achieve their goals turn their career around to provide for themselves + their families. Transitioning from a passionate advocate into a successful business owner, LaKiesha has been proving the impossible in the traditional mindset for over a decade.

When she's not working, she enjoying hiking, photography, (lots of) travel, visiting wineries + wine tasting.